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McCown Descendants

                                Generation No. 1


             Children of William McCown and Alice McGuire are:
                     i.  EMILY LULA McCOWN b 1880 in Missouri
                    ii.  ART McCOWN 
                   iii.  WILLIAM McCOWN
                    iv.  VICTOR C. McCOWN
                     v.  MALLIE LEE McOWN b Nov. 27, 1887 in Holden, MO

                                 Generation No. 2

EMILY LULA McCOWN...was born 1880 in Missouri. She married (1)? HALLETT
             (2)CHARLEY QUERRY in 1908.

            Children of Emily McCown and ? Hallett are:
                   i.  SAM HALLETT
                  ii.  LEE HALLETT
                 iii.  FANNIE HALLETT (twin)
                  iv.  FLORA HALLETT (twin) 

             Children of Emily McCown and Charley Querry are:
                     i.  NORA ANN QUERRY b 3 July 1908 
                    ii.  LIDDY QUERRY d 1986 m Marion Johnson
                   iii.  JOE QUERRY
                    iv.  BALFORD QUERRY
                     v.  CHARLES QUERRY

MALLIE LEE McCOWN...was born November 27, 1887 in Holden, MO and died
             October 27, 1983 in Fairland, OK. She married TOMEY QUERRY
             November 22, 1906 in Mound City, KS

             Children of Mallie McCown and Tomey Querry are:
                    i.  JENNIE ANN QUERRY b April 28, 1907
                   ii.  ANNA ALICE QUERRY b July 28, 1909
                  iii.  WILLIE BERNICE QUERRY b Aug. 8, 1911
                   iv.  GEORGIA VERGINIA QUERRY b Oct 29, 1919
                    v.  CECILIA WENONA QUERRY b Aug. 17, 1923
                              Generation No. 3
NORA ANN QUERRY...was born 3 July 1908 in Dawson, Oklahoma, died 6 February 1996.
                  She married DON CASH.

             Children of Nora Querry and Don Cash are:
                    i.   ANNA LUCILLE CASH b. 9 February 1927 m CHARLES FRANKLIN
                    ii.  ROY D CASH b. 2 June 1928
                    iii. EVERETT JOHN CASH b. 24 April 1930 d. 23 September 1956
                    iv.  DON JUNIOR CASH b. 15 March 1932 d 5 February 1933
                    v.   RUBY MARIE CASH b 23 June 1933 m ORVILLE HEFLEY
                    vi.  JOE HOLAN CASH b 3 March 1935 d 1935-1939
                    vii. DONNA JUNE CASH b 14 December 1937 m RICHARD LADEWIG


              Children of Lydia Querry and Marion Johnson are:
                     i.   LORETTA JOHNSON m CARL ENGLAND
                    ii.   PATSY JOHNSON
                   iii.   EDNA JOHNSON 

                               Generation No. 4

ANNA LUCILLE CASH...was born 9 February 1927 in Parker, Kansas. She married CHARLES DAVID FRANKLIN

             Children of Anna Cash and Charles Franklin are:
                    i.  SHEILA ADELE FRANKLIN b 27 April 1944 m (1)WAYNE GORSUCH (2) BYRON PIERCE JR
                    ii. DONALD WAYNE FRANKLIN b 12 October 1945 m TWILA TUBBS
                    iii.RICHARD LEE FRANKLIN b 13 January 1947

ROY D CASH...was born 2 June 1928 in Centerville, KS. He married ELFA (Bobby) BRINES.
             Children of Roy Cash and Elfa Brines are:
                    i.  ROY LEE CASH  
                   ii.  CHARLES BRIAN CASH
                  iii.  TRAVIS DALTON CASH

RUBY MARIE CASH...was born 23 June 1933 in Centerville, KS. She married ORVILLE HEFLEY.
             Children of Ruby Cash and Orville Hefley are:
                    i.  STEVEN HEFLEY
                   ii.  ELAINE HEFLEY

DONNA JUNE CASH...was born 14 December 1937 in Dinuba, CA. She married RICHARD LADEWIG.
             Children of Donna Cash and Richard Ladewig are:
                    i.   PAMELA KAY LADEWIG
                   ii.   MICHAEL EDWARD LADEWIG
                  iii.   LYNN MARIE LADEWIG
                   iv.   JOHN ALBERT LADEWIG

                             Generation No. 5

SHEILA ADELE FRANKLIN...was born 27 April 1944 in Weed, California. She married (1)WAYNE GORSUCH
                        (2)BYRON LESLIE PIERCE JR

             Children of Sheila Franklin and Wayne Gorsuch are:
                    i.   BERI LAMAR GORSUCH b 22 August 1962
                    ii.  TIMOTHY PAUL GORSUCH b 29 June 1964
                    iii. STEVEN WAYNE GORSUCH b 12 August 1969 (twin)
                    iv.  RENEE' DIANE GORSUCH b 12 August 1969 (twin)


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