Descendants of William Cash

                    Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM CASH was born 1653  in Fife, Strathmiglo, Scotland, and died 1708 in Virginia
   He married ELIZABETH SKINNER 1677 in Washington Parish, Westmoreland Co. Virgina.
   Fact 1. A British tax record in 1677 lists William as "seated" in Westmoreland Co.
   Fact 2. Was a plantation farmer
   Fact 3. Will recorded Aug. 25, 1708 in Westmoreland Co., Virginia

      Children of WILLIAM CASH and ELIZABETH SKINNER are:
           i.  JOHN HOWARD CASH b abt 1677; d abt 1775
          ii.  JOSEPH CASH b abt 1686
         iii.  WILLIAM CASH, JR. b March 5, 1688/89; d April 2, 1720; m ANN MOSES
          iv.  ANISH CASH b. July 31, 1693
           v.  THOMAS CASH b August 2, 1697
          vi.  JAMES CASH b Virginia; d. February 1782, King George Co. Virginia
         vii.  ROBERT HOWARD CASH b abt 1703
        viii.  PETER CASH b abt 1708

                    Generation No 2

2.  JAMES CASH was born 1700 in Virginia, and died abt. February, 1782 in King 
          George Co.,Virginia. He married SARAH KING.
    Fact 1. Will recorded in King George County, Virginia 1782.

        Children of JAMES CASH and SARAH KING are:
             i.  JOHN CASH
            ii.  ARCHIBALD CASH b 1746
           iii.  MARGARET CASH
            iv.  MARY CASH
             v.  JAMES CASH

                    Generation No. 3

         Children of JOHN CASH and ? are:
              i.  WILLIAM CASH b abt 1752, Virginia
             ii.  THOMAS CASH

                    Generation No. 4

4.  WILLIAM CASH was born abt 1752 in Virginia and died June 18, 1839 in
         Pulaski County, Kentucky. He married DOROTHY IRVIN 1772 in Virginia.
         Fact 1. Revolutionary soldier, pension record R1779 at the National Archives.
         Fact 2. Buried at Mt. Pleasant Chuech Cementery

         Children of WILLIAM CASH and DOROTHY IRVIN are:
              i.  LEWIS CASH 
             ii.  JAMES CASH
            iii.  LARKIN CASH
             iv.  JOHN CASH
              v.  NANCY CASH
             vi.  WILLIAM CASH
            vii.  WALLER CASHb b 1821,Kentucky; d April 30, 1859, Goodrich, KS

                    Generation No. 5

5.  WALLER CASH was born 1821 in Kentucky, and died April 30, 1859 in Goodrich, KS.
    He married (1) JENCY DEBORD. He married (2) ELLEN ELIZABETH WALKER.

         Children of WALLER CASH and JENCY DEBORD are:
              i.  AMANDA CASH b 1840
             ii.  NANCY ANN CASH b 1842
            iii.  SAMUAL FRANKLIN CASH b 1846

         Children of WALLER CASH and ELLEN ELIZABETH WALKER are:
              i.  JOHN ALBERT CASH b September 14, 1852, IL; d Farlinville, KS
             ii.  LUCINDA CASH b February 1854, IL
            iii.  MARY ELIZABETH CASH b October 17, 1855, Linn Co. KS
             iv.  WILLIAM CASH b 1857, Linn Co. KS

                    Generation No. 6

6.  JOHN ALBERT CASH was born September 14, 1852 in IL, and died in Farlinville, Linn Co. KS. 
    He married (1) MATTIE ?. He married (2) MARY MAHALA REESE.

         Children of JOHN ALBERT CASH and MATTIE ? are:
              i.  WALLER CASH b August 12, 1885

         Children of JOHN ALBERT CASH and MARY MAHALIA CASH are:
              i.  ORA ETHEL CASH b June 3, 1888
             ii.  WILLIAM CASH b August 4, 1890
            iii.  EARL JAMES CASH b April 29 1892 Centerville, KS, d April 28, 1992, Mound City, KS
             iv.  SARAH CASH b October 11, 1895
              v.  FRANK CASH b February 5, 1898, d February 16, 1952, Mound City, KS
             vi.  RUTH CASH b October 18, 1900
            vii.  WAIN CASH b November 4, 1902
           viii.  INA MAE CASH b December 10, 1904
             ix.  DON CASH b July 18, 1907, Centerville,KS, d December 20, 1995, Weed, CA
              x.  LULA GRACE CASH b November 1911
             xi.  OLLIE MARIE CASH b 1912 d 1924

                    Generation No. 7

7.  DON CASH was born July 18, 1907 in Centerville, Kansas, and died December 20, 1995 in Weed, Siskiyou Co. 
    California. He married NORA ANN QUERRY December 23, 1925 in Mound City, Kansas, daughter of CHARLIE QUERRY
    and EMILY McCOWN.

          Children of DON CASH and NORA ANN QUERRY are:
               i.  ANNA LUCILLE CASH b february 9, 1927, Parker, KS
              ii.  ROY D CASH b June 2, 1928, Centerville, KS
             iii.  EVERETT JOHN CASH b April 24, 1930, Parker, KS d September 23, 1956,Trinity Co. 
              iv.  DON CASH, JR b March 15, 1932,Boicourt, KS d February 5, 1933, KS
               v.  RUBY MARIE CASH b June 23, 1933, Centerville, KS
              vi.  JOE HARLAN CASH b March 3, 1935, Sultana, CA; d March 22, 1935, CA
             vii.  DONNA JUNE CASH b December 14, 1937, Dinuba, CA  

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