Descendants of William Hulse

                                Generation No. 1

WILLIAM HULSE...was born Abt. 1742 in Holland. He died June 1828 in Ohio
                He married REBECCA VANDERWATER.
                  Children of William Hulse and Rebecca Vanderwater are:
                         i.   JOHN HULSE b March 15, 1772
                        ii.   JERUSHA HULSE b Aug. 27, 1774
                       iii.   JAMES HULSE b May 27, 1777
                        iv.   WILLIAM HULSE b Aug 9, 1779 d 1779
                         v.   MARY HULSE b Feb 4, 1781
                        vi.   WILLIAM HULSE b Aug 9, 1783
                       vii.   BENJAMIN HULSE b April  10, 1786
                      viii.   AMOS HULSE b Sept. 7, 1788
                        ix.   WILSON HULSE b Oct 3, 1791
                         x.   DAVID HULSE b March 21, 1794
                        xi.   ISAISH HULSE b Aug 25, 1796

                                Generation No. 2

JAMES HULSE...was born May 27, 1777 in New Jersey. He married MARY JOHNSON.
                  Children of James Hulse and Mary Johnson are:
                         i.   WILLIAM HULSE b 1804
                        ii.   PETER HULSE b Dec. 7, 1806
                       iii.   MARIA HULSE b 1810
                        iv.   REBECCA HULSE b 1815
                         v.   ROBERT HULSE b ?

                               Generation No. 3 

PETER HULSE...was born December 7, 1806 in NJ, he died April 24, 1880.
              He married (1)MARIA BAILEY (2) MARIAH COMPTON.
                   Children of Peter Hulse and Maria Bailey are:
                          i.   JAMES HULSE
                         ii.   SARAH HULSE
                        iii.   JOHN HULSE
                         iv.   GEORGE HULSE
                          v.   ELIZABETH JANE HULSE
                   Children of Peter Hulse and Mariah Compton are:
                          i.   ANNA HULSE
                         ii.   ANDREW HULSE 
                                Generation No.4

JOHN A. HULSE...was born September 1849 in Ohio. He married PHEBE E. BANKS
                  October 18, 1865 in Jennings Co. Indiana.
                  Children of John Hulse and Phebe Banks are:
                         i.  MARITTA J. HULSE, b abt 1868, IN
                        ii.  MARY E. HULSE, b abt 1870
                       iii.  JAMES C. HULSE, b abt 1872
                        iv.  CHARLES FRANK HULSE, b July 13, 1875 KS
                         v.  EMMA HULSE, b October 1879 KS m EDWARD ?
                        vi.  LEWIS HULSE, b September 1885 KS

                               Generation No. 5
CHARLES FRANK HULSE...was born 13 July 1875 in Kansas.
                  He died 11 March 1963. He married LAURA MELVINA DAVIS.
                  She was born 6 July 1879 in Matfield,KS and died
                  11 November 1960.
                  Children of Charles Hulse and Laura Davis are:
                         i.   ELLEN HULSE b 18 December 1901

                                Generation No. 6

ELLEN HULSE...was born 18 December 1901 in Del Norte,OK.She married GRIFFIN
                  RAYMOND FRANKLIN born 31 March 1896 in Fowler,IN. He died 1956
                  Children of Griffin Franklin and Ellen Hulse are:
                         i.   CHARLES DAVID FRANKLIN b 30 October 1922
                         ii.  JAMES FRANKLIN
                         iii. JUANITA FRANKLIN
                         iv.  BETTY FRANKLIN

                                Generation No. 7

CHARLES DAVID FRANKLIN...was born 30 October 1922 in Porterville,CA.He married
                 (1)ANNA LUCILLE CASH (2) YVONNE ?
                  Children of Charles Franklin and Anna Cash are:
                         i.   SHEILA ADELE FRANKLIN b 27 April 1944
                         ii.  DONALD WAYNE FRANKLIN b 12 October 1945
                         iii. RICHARD LEE FRANKLIN b 13 January 1947
                  Children of Charles Franklin and Yvonne (?) are:
                         i.   ROBERT FRANKLIN
                         ii.  DEBRA SUE FRANKLIN                           


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