Gorsuch Descendants

                          Generation No. 1

THOMAS OLIVER GORSUCH...date of birth unknown. He died 23 May 1935. 
                        He married MARTHA MARY b ?? d 11 March 1927

                Children of Thomas Gorsuch and Martha ? are:
                       i.   THOMAS OLIVER GORSUCH JR b 21 April 1914

                           Generation No. 2

THOMAS OLIVER GORSUCH JR...date of birth 21 April 1914 in Wellsville, Ohio
                         He married (1)ZADIE PEARL JOHNSON b 1 August 1916 in
                         Colorado, Texas (2) ??

                Children of Thomas Gorsuch Jr and Zadie Johnson are:
                       i.   WAYNE ROGER GORSUCH b 11 December 1939

                            Generation No. 3

WAYNE ROGER GORSUCH...date of birth 11 December 1939 in Santa Ana, California
                          He married SHEILA ADELE FRANKLIN b 27 April 1944
                 Children of Wayne Gorsuch and Sheila Franklin are:
                        i.   BERI LAMAR GORSUCH b 22 August 1962
                        ii.  TIMOTHY PAUL GORSUCH b 29 June 1964
                        iii. STEVEN WAYNE GORSUCH b 12 August 1969 (twin)
                        iv.  RENEE' DIANE GORSUCH b 12 August 1969 (twin)   

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