Querry Descendants

                                       Generation No. 1

ELISHA QUERRY...was born 1755 in Scotland and died June 28, 1836. He married 
             SARAH STEDIEK about 1776. He married SARAH BROWN June 22, 1792 
             in Little York, Pennsylvania, daughter of THOMAS BROWN and SARAH

             Children of Elisha Querry and Sarah Brown are:
                    i.   MARY MAGDALINE QUERRY b. 3 May 1796
                   ii.   ELISHA QUERRY b. 1 January 1799 d. 24 November 1856
                  iii.   WILLIAM QUERRY b. 18 June 1803
                   iv.   GEORGE QUERRY b.7 January 1806
                    v.   JAMES QUERRY b. 18 October 1809
                   vi.   LYDIA QUERRY b 8 September 1813
                  vii.   JOHN QUERRY b 8 January 1816
                 viii.   ELIZABETH ANN QUERRY b. 7 February 1818
                   ix.   NATHANIEL QUERRY b. 22 May 1820
                                   Generation No. 2

ELISHA QUERRY...was born January 1, 1799 in Little York, Pennsylvania and died
             November 24, 1856 in Dowling, Illinois. He married MARY FLORA
             September 1827, daughter of JOHN FLORA and MARY OTT.

             Children of Elisha Querry and Mary Flora are:
                    i.   NATHANIEL QUERRY b July 26,1828, Virginia; d Dec. 9, 1917
                   ii.   JOHN QUERRY b. June 30,1831 Shelby Co. IL d. 14 February 1903
                  iii.   MARY QUERRY b. abt. 1833 IL
                   iv.   AENERVA QUERRY b.1837, Macon Co. IL; d 1868
                    v.   VIRGINIA QUERRY b.June 28,1837, Macon Co. IL; d Feb 11, 1901
                   vi.   ISIAH QUERRY b. Feb 27,1839, Macon Co. IL; d Sept 5, 1905
                  vii.   LORETTA QUERRY b. Nov 2, 1840; Macon Co. IL
                 viii.   ELIZABETH QUERRY b April 10, 1842; Macon Co. IL 
                   xi.   SARAH QUERRY b Jan 17, 1844; Macon Co. IL
                    x.   HAMBUS QUERRY b.1847; Macon Co. IL 

GEORGE QUERRY...was born July 30, 1830 in Clinton Co. IL. He married MARY ANN FLOREY
            daughter of JOHN FLORA and MARY OTT. 

            Children of George Querry and MaryAnn Florey are:
                   i.   LUCRETIA JANE QUERRY b 1831, IL d Jan 21, 1898
                  ii.   JOHN WESLEY QUERRY b abt 1833
                 iii.   MARY ANGELINE QUERRY b abt 1836, IL
                  iv.   ROZANNA Z. QUERRY b abt 1836, IL
                   v.   JAMES SS. QUERRY b abt 1839, IL m SARAH J. SITTON
                  vi.   EMELINE E. QUERRY b abt 1841, IL
                 vii.   WILLIAM BARTLETT QUERRY b March 16, 1844; Macon Co. IL
                viii.   JOSEPH ANDERSON QUERRY b June 26, 1848; Macon Co. IL
                  ix.   VIRGINIA A. QUERRY b Feb 2, 1850; Macon Co. IL
                   x.   ARMENA MARANDA QUERRY b abt 1854
                  xi.   LOUISE ANN QUERRY b 1854; IL

                                               Generation No. 3

NATHANIEL QUERRY...was born July 26, 1828 in Virginia, and died December 9, 1917.
            He married ROSEANNA BONAR SECRIST December 11, 1856.

            Children of Nathaniel Querry and Rosanna Secrist are:
                   i.   MARY ELIZABETH QUERRY b March 9, 1858 m JOHN WILLIAM BOGART
                  ii.   ARDELIA ALMIRA QUERRY  b Oct 30, 1860 m JOHN HARVEY MADDOX
                 iii.   CALLIE HOUSE QUERRY b Nov 7, 1862 m NATHAN WARD ALLEN
                  iv.   SHERMAN JOSEPH QUERRY b Feb 21, 1864 m ELLA PUGH
                   v.   LETHA IDA QUERRY b April 8, 1868 m WILEY BARTON DURHAM
                  vi.   ANNA ROSE QUERRY b Jan 28, 1870 m (1) NEBO JAGGERS, (2) CHARLES SPURGEON
                 vii.   HUGH QUERRY b Feb 9, 1872
                viii.   NELLIE HORTENSE QUERRY b May 17, 1875 m CHRISTIAN ODENWALD

JOHN QUERRY...was born June 30, 1831 in Shelby Co. IL, and died February 14,1903, in 
            Chautauque Springs, Kansas. He married MARY ETTA RISLEY or RIDLEY. He married
            ELIZABETH JANE HUSTON April 15, 1852 in Macon Co., IL, daughter of JOHN HUSTON 
            and PHEBE SWISHER.

            Children of John Querry and Mary Risley/Ridley are:
                   i.   GENEVA CATHERINE QUERRY b Aug 15, 1869, KS
                  ii.   MARION QUERRY b 1872, KS m RHODA ?
                 iii.   MARTHA EVELYN QUERRY b Jan 22, 1874, KS
                  iv.   ARILLA QUERRY b April 19, 1876
                   v.   JOHN THOMAS QUERRY b 1879, KS m LAURA BELLE MCCRAY
                  vi.   JOSEPH QUERRY b 1883, m FLORA ?

            Children of John Querry and Elizabeth Huston are:
                   i.   ELISHA QUERRY b. 21 November 1854
                  ii.   MARY JANE QUERRY b 14 January 1853
                 iii.   PHEBA ELLEN QUERRY b. 1858 m. SAMUAL BRILLHART
                  iv.   SARAH MARGARET QUERRY b. 1860 m. THOMAS GORDON m. THOMAS ROGRS
                   v.   JOHN QUERRY b. 1863 d. died in infancy
                  vi.   BALFOUR QUERRY b. 1865 m. LOTTIE ? m. HATTIE HENDRICKS RICHARDS
                 vii.   ELIZA JANE QUERRY b. 1868 d. 1868

AENERVA QUERRY...was born 1837 in Macon Co., Illionis, and died 1868. She
            married FREDRICK R. SECRIST.

            Children of Aenerva Querry and Fredrick Secrist are:
                   i.   ERASTUS SECRIST b May 15, 1859, m ANNABELLE COULSON
                  ii.   ELIZA LUELLA SECRIST b Nov 12, 1861 m JOHN WILLIAM CHRISTISON
                 iii.   ALICE SECRIST b 1864, m DAVID RUNKLE

VIRGINIA QUERRY...was born June 28, 1837 in Macon Co., Illionis, and died February
            11, 1901. She married JOSEPH SCOTT April 24, 1856.

            Children of Virginia Querry and Joseph Scott are:
                   i.   LYDIA SCOTT
                  ii.   MARY ELIZABETH SCOTT b June 8, 1858 m DANIEL BRINER DARON
                 iii.   SARAH MARGARET SCOTT b Feb 22, 1861 m JOEL WARREN  
                  iv.   LILLIE J. SCOTT b Oct 2, 1865 m (1) WILLIAM COBUN (2)JOHN RICO
                   v.   CHARLES DAVID SCOTT b March 24, 1868
                  vi.   JOSEPH HUBERT SCOTT b June 24, 1877 m MYRTLE GRIFFITH

ISIAH QUERRY...was born February 27, 1839 in Macon Co., Illionis, and died
            September 5, 1905 in Macon Co., Illionis. He married SARAH JANE STROPE
            December 8, 1861 in Macon Co., Illionis.

            Children of Isiah Querry and Sarah Strope are:
                   i.   WARNER QUERRY
                  ii.   MINNIE QUERRY b 1864
                 iii.   ANNA QUERRY b Oct 13, 1866 m RICHARD O. BURROWS
                  iv.   LAURA QUERRY b May 7, 1868 m FRANK MATHIAS
                   v.   EDITH QUERRY b Sept 6, 1871 m STEPHEN H. SWAIN
                  vi.   WALTER QUERRY b Feb 1, 1873 m MABLE MAY MATHIAS
                 vii.   NETTIE QUERRY b 1877 m (1)BERT COX (2) DAVID WELTON
                viii.   MARY QUERRY b Sept 28, 1879
                  ix.   RINDA QUERRY b March 31, 1882 m WILLIAM DURHAM
                   x.   LENA QUERRY b Aug 1887 m HARRY CRAIG

LORETTA QUERRY was born November 2, 1840 in Macon Co., Illionis. She married
            WILLIAM STOPE February 2, 1860 in Macon Co., Illionis.

            Children of Loretta Querry and William Stope are:
                   i.   MARY ANNA BELLE STOPE
                  ii.   MINERVA JANE STOPE
                 iii.   WILLIAM LINCOLN STOPE
                  iv.   ALBERT GRANT STOPE
                   v.   ELMER E. STOPE
                  vi.   JOHN L. STOPE
                 vii.   CORA D. STOPE
                viii.   WALTER A. STOPE
                  ix.   EMILY J. STOPE
                   x.   ETTA DAISY STOPE
                  xi.   AMELIA M. STOPE
                 xii.   JOHN M. STOPE

ELIZABETH J. QUERRY... was born April 10, 1842 in Macon Co., Illionis. She 
             married WALTER HUSTON December 13, 1866 in Macon Co., Illionis.

             Children of Elizabeth Querry and Walter Huston are:
                    i.   JOHN H. HUSTON b 1867
                   ii.   ROBERT F. HUSTON b May 7, 1871 m EDNA MAE BENFORD
                  iii.   PHOEBE JANE HUSTON b 1877
                   iv.   CHARLES NORVAL HUSTON b 1880 m BERTHA M. STURGES
                    v.   NELLIE M. HUSTON b 1883 m  CHARLES MCLAUGHLIN

SARAH QUERRY...was born January 17, 1844 in Macon Co., Illionis, and died 
             February 22, 1916 in Decatur, Macon Co., Illionis. She married 
             (1) DAVID CLOVER March 11, 1867 (2) GEORGE SIMPSON
             Children of Sarah Querry and David Clover are:
                    i.   FLORENCE L. CLOVER b 1868 m CHARLES E. WHEELER
                   ii.   DAVID L. CLOVER b 1869 m EVA PARSONS

             Children of Sarah Querry and George Simpson are:
                    i.   JOHN SIMPSON b 1873
                   ii.   FRANKLIN SIMPSON b 1874

                                  Generation No. 4

ELISHA QUERRY...was born November 21, 1854 in Decator, Illinois, and died April 1917
             in Centerville, Kansas. He married MARTHA ANN CARY, daughter of FRANK
             CARY and ANN MORGAN.

             Children of Elisha Querry and Martha Cary are:
                    i.   CHARLEY QUERRY b. 3 January 1878 d. August 13, 1967
                   ii.   TOMEY QUERRY b. 6 January 1881 d. 11 November 1947
                  iii.   MINNIE QUERRY b. 4 October 1882
                   iv.   NETTIE QUERRY b. 2 September 1889
                  iiv.   FRANK QUERRY b. 27 November 1891 d. 1971
                 iiiv.   ETHEL QUERRY b. 25 October 1894

                                        Generation No. 5

CHARLEY QUERRY... was born 3 January 1878 in Rich Hill, Missouri, and died August 13, 1967.
              He married EMILY LULA McCOWN 1908, daughter of WILLIAM McCOWN and BARBARA ALICE

              Children of Charley Querry and Emily McCown are:
                     i.   NORA ANN QUERRY b 3 July 1908
                    ii.   JOE QUERRY
                   iii.   LYDIA QUERRY d 1986 m MARION JOHNSON
                    iv.   BALFORD QUERRY b. 7 June 1921 d. 22 February 1932
                     v.   CHARLES QUERRY

FRANK QUERRY...was born November 27, 1891 and died 1971.He married EFFIE
             COFFEEN daughter of Tom Coffeen and Elizabeth 29 July 1914.

             Children of Frank Querry and Effie Coffeen are:
                    i.   DOROTHY QUERRY m KENNETH JACKSON
                   ii.   BETTY QUERRY m CHARLES HOWARD
                  iii.   CLYDE QUERRY
                   iv.   CLAUDE QUERRY
                    v.   ALTON QUERRY

TOMEY QUERRY...was born January 6, 1881 in Mapleton, Kansas, and died November
             11, 1947 in Fairland, Oklahoma. He married MALLIE LEE McCOWN 
             November 22, 1906 in Mound City, Kansas, daughter of WILLIAM MCcOWN
             and BARBARA ALICE McGUIRE.

             Children of Tomey Querry and Barbara McGuire are:
                    i.   JENNIE ANN QUERRY b. 28 April 1907 m. IRVIN WILLIAM WHITE
                   ii.   ANNA ALICE QUERRY b. 28 July 1909 m. LOY KEELING
                  iii.   WILLIE BERNICE QUERRY b. 8 August 1911 m AUSTIN SPARGEON
                   iv.   GEORGIA VIRGINIA QUERRY b. 29 October 1919 m. RALPH HIGINBOTHAM
                    v.   CECILIA WENONA QUERRY b. 17 August 1923                      

                                       Generation No.6

NORA ANN QUERRY... was born 3 January 1908 in Dawson,OK. She died 6 February 1996 in Weed, CA. She married
               DON CASH 23 December 1925, son of JOHN CASH and MARY MAHALA REESE.

               Children of Nora Querry and Don Cash are:
                      i.   ANNA LUCILLE CASH b 9 February 1927 m CHARLES DAVID FRANKLIN
                     ii.   ROY D CASH b 2 June 1928 m BERNEDA ?
                    iii.   EVERETT JOHN CASH  b 24 April 1930 d 23 September 1956
                     iv.   DON JUNIOR CASH b 15 March 1932 d 5 February 1933 
                      v.   RUBY MARIE CASH b 23  June 1933 m ORVILLE HEFLEY
                     vi.   JOE HOLAN CASH b 3 March 1935 d 1935-1939
                    vii.   DONNA JUNE CASH b 14 December 1937 m RICHARD HEFLEY

LYDIA QUERRY...died 1986. She married MARION JOHNSON.

               Children of Lydia Querry and Marion Johnson are:
                      i.   LORETTA JOHNSON
                     ii.   PATSY JOHNSON
                    iii.   EDNA JOHNSON

                                        Generation No. 7

ANNA LUCILLE CASH... was born 9 February 1927 in Parker, KS. She married CHARLES DAVID FRANKLIN son of 

               Children of Anna Cash and Charles Franklin are:
                      i.   SHEILA ADELE FRANKLIN b 27 April 2944 m (1)WAYNE GORSUCH
                                                                   (2)BYRON PIERCE JR 
                      ii.  DONALD WAYNE FRANKLIN b 12 October 1945 m TWILA TUBBS
                      iii. RICHARD LEE FRANKLIN b 13 January 1947 M (1) ??
                                         Generation No. 8

SHEILA ADELE FRANKLIN...was born 27 April 1944 in Weed, CA. She married (1) WAYNE ROGER GORSUCH son of 

               Children of Sheila Franklin and Wayne Gorsuch are:
                      i.   BERI LAMAR GORSUCH b 22 August 1962 m (1)DENISE NELSON
                                                                 (2)RENEE ROGERS
                      ii.  TIMOTHY PAUL GORSUCH b 29 June 1964
                      iii. STEVEN WAYNE GORSUCH b 12 August 1969 (twin)
                      iv.  RENEE' DIANE GORSUCH b 12 August 1969 (twin)         

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